Nexxt Pr is a full-service public relations and marketing firm, specializing in entertainment, beauty, fashion, travel, business, industry, health and lifestyle. With dedicated Talent, Business, Strategic Communications, Brand and Content divisions, we work to deliver brand strategy and measurable media results for a wide variety of clients from different markets around the world. Our business centers on our expertise, relationships, and resources, all of which enable us to not just meet client expectations but exceed them. With a broad understanding of the new public relations landscape, Nexxt Pr utilizes its deep media and talent relationships in order to fully grasp TODAY’S CULTURE, and ultimately generate results.



We have four distinct but very much interconnected divisions. With our extensive experience in the media, tech, fashion, entertainment, music, and related creative industries, we help high-profile institutions and individuals establish and manage their public image, as well as develop and support their brands.


Nexxt Strategic Division has years of experience developing and executing many PR/Communications programs to tackle the industry’s most complex challenges. The division’s experience includes helping high-profile institutions and individuals in the entertainment, media, tech, and related creative communities establish and manage their public profiles.
Clients have included Fashion magazines, fashion brands, hotels, agencies, lawyers, engineers, photographers, stylists, media conglomerates, technology companies, hedge funds and private equity firms, trade associations, and labor unions, as well as a wide variety of high-profile individuals, ranging from A-list movie and pop stars to political leaders and top executives.


The Nexxt's Talent division works for more than 100 talents of the biggest names in entertainment, including television and film stars, recording artists, authors, models, digital influencers and theater actors. Our talent PR agents work with A-list stars as well as promising newcomers worldwide.

We develop artists' careers in different stages from the perspective of press, content and online development. From artists who are already awaited and looking for repositioning or artists who are beginning their careers and who seek to form a new audience by promoting their work in the media.


With experience supporting fashion companies, lifestyle brands, technology start-ups, and more, our Brand team has spearheaded media campaigns for some of the hottest influencers and tastemakers in the world. In today’s business ecosystem, it is more vital than ever for brands to tell their stories in unconventional ways, and our Brand team prides themselves on breaking established industry rules and developing new strategies in service of their clients. The Nexxt’s Brand team is at the epicenter of where traditional marketing and communications intersects with influence and culture.


The phenomenon of “canceling” a person, a business or a brand because of unpopular remarks or views is a toxic trend that can cause so much harm that crisis PR firms like Nexxt Pr are needed to reverse the damage. Nexxt has a crisis communications department that employs experts with years of experience dealing with social media meltdowns, media outreach and content creation.
Our PR professionals have specialized skills to address the unique problems associated with “cancel culture” and its long-term effects on a brand or business. Our strategic communications team will teach you how to survive cancel culture, provide you with tips to avoid future conflicts and manage the contact with the press.



NEXXT helps to nurture and develop all levels of talent in the perspective of the press and social media.The agency offers a new diverse, social-first management service with integrity at its core. After a decade of working with talents from TV, movies and music, we now extend this service to influencers and content creators.Nexxt team will help established and emerging talent develop and maintain their personal brand, guide their individual narrative and offer creative solutions across social management, brokering partnerships, publishing and events.We position ourselves as an extension of our client's in-house team. We're here to work for them and collaborate with brands on their behalf to ensure a clear and concise brief is delivered for to be executed. Our aim is to simplify your working day and work our client's brand in the media.



Models, artists and many different kind of professionals from different markets from lawyers to doctors.

 All types of businesses and people can promote themselves in the media. There are thousands of different media separated between TV, newspapers, magazines, internet and radio. This means that professionals from different segments can stand out in their markets by promoting their name or brand in various existing media. Nexxt uses an international data platform with 43,000 registered Brazilian journalists and 50,000 international contacts to send suggestions in a high-tech system that delivers content directing it to media and journalists with real chances of publication.



Worldwide most import magazines

We produce and publish fashion content in the most important fashion magazines in the world. We create content according the global tendencies of fashion, urban style and social discussions to decide the style, the subject and which media we are trying to reach and that's how make desirable content for the fashion magazines, following the beat as it sounds in the market.



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