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Nexxt PR has been operating in the Brazilian and international market for about 10 years and was a pioneer in working with international artists in Brazil. More than 200 customers have already been served and more than 2,000 articles have been published.

Until 2020, the agency maintained its physical headquarters on Rua Estados Unidos, in Jardins in São Paulo, but during the pandemic it adopted remote work, prioritizing technology to obtain better results and thus leveraged its operations internationally and today serves clients in Brazil, Argentina , United States, Mexico, Italy and Portugal.

Nexxt is considered one of the best and most recognized press offices in Brazil.


Our mission is to impact

2 k+

Published articles in Brazil


Worldwide publications


Magazine covers


TV Interviews

Today's competitive market demands a personalized strategy that engages the audience. At Nexxt we have a broad understanding of today's culture for the development of projects in the new public relations scenario to generate results with an impact work on the business vision, reputation and profitability of our clients and considering issues involving social responsibility and inclusion. To achieve above average results, we use our expertise and relationships to fully understand the specific needs of each client to create narratives that can be told in the main media in Brazil and around the world. You can present your team, your projects and goals.

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